2012.03.30Details of the Single・DVD / Album purchase privilege

≪Single CD・DVD(Blu-ray) purchase privilege application details≫

If you purchase one New single and one New Live DVD (or Blu-ray) and apply for the lottery during following period,
300 winners can get "VOCALIST VINTAGE original pass case"!

【Purchase privilege products】

Release on May 9 (Wed.) 

NEW Single ”Ningyo no ie / Yume wa yoru hiraku”
・CD 1,296yen(tax included) UMCK-5380
※Except cassette tape

“25th Anniversary Concert Tour 2011

・DVD First Pressing Edition 7,714yen(tax included) UMBK-9251
・DVD Standard Edition 6,264yen(tax included) UMBK-1173
・Blu-ray 7,344yen(tax included) UMXK-1007

【How to apply】

Please put application ticket enclosed single CD to the dedicated postcard enclosed Live DVD (or Blu-ray) and send it by closing date for application below.

※Please see the details info. in the product.

【Closing date for application】

May 14, 2012(Mon.) as indicated by the postmark on the envelope

*Details of New single. Click here

*Details of New Live DVD. Click here

≪Album purchase privilege application details≫

If you purchase every three kinds of the New Album “VOCALIST VINTAGE” such as First Pressing Limited Edition A,
First Pressing Limited Edition B and Standard Edition and apply for the lottery with application ticket in each CD (totally three application tickets needed), 1,000 winners can get "VOCALIST VINTAGE original key holder"!

【Purchase privilege products】

Release on May 30 (Wed.)

・First Pressing Limited Edition A (CD+DVD) 4,104yen(tax included) UMCK-9488
・First Pressing Limited Edition B (CD+Bonus track) 3,240yen(tax cluded) UMCK-9489
・Standard Edition (CD) 3,146yen(tax included) UMCK-1419

【How to apply】

Please put firmly three application tickets enclosed CD on the postcard with your address, zip code, name , age and phone number and send it to the below.


8-5-30 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo, 107-8583
Universal Music Sales division
“Hideaki Tokunaga Key Holder Present”

【Closing date for application】

June 4, 2012 (Mon.) as indicated by the postmark on the envelope.

【Winners announcement】

We will send the privilege present without any announcement.
Shipping will be in early July.

*Details of New album. Click here