You can register on Hideaki Tokunaga Fan Club, TONY'S CLUB anytime.
Membership fee: 4,800 yen (Incl. tax) for one year, 3,100 yen (Incl. tax) for half year

How to register

Please enclose a self-addressed stamped (84 yen) envelope and send it to TONY'S CLUB.
We'll send needful brochure for membership.

Send to:
Dence Kohno 204, 1-8-8, Wakabayashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0023
**Could be transfer the membership fee to expedite proceedings on the slip at a nearby post office.

Account number: 00120-2-66043
Account name: TONY'S CLUB
Membership fee: 4,800 yen/year  3,100 yen/half year
Correspondence column: 1.Applicant for membership 2. Tel number 3. Birthday
**Please fill out your address, name and correspondence column.

Only someone is able to pay in Japan or someone is able to ask somebody who lives in Japan to do it as your proxy.

Issuing of the Membership magazine will be 4 times a year.
Please understand that we can not send extra editions.

Privilege of membership

  1. Issue the original member's card of TONY'S CLUB.
  2. Issue the membership magazine "PRISM" four times a year.
  3. Members can buy the ticket at pre-order sale and seat will determine by lot.
    (There may be rare occasions when applications over the seating capacity of the concert venue, will not allow us to keep all member's ticket.)
  4. You can participate in the events of TONY'S CLUB sponsoring.

We are preparing various other privileges for you.