2016.03.07Information of the Single/Album Release Commemoration Present Campaign

We will hold a draw and give away “an original wristwatch” to 500 people who will purchase one new single and one new album and apply within an appointed period.

【Eligible Product】

Release on March 9 (Wed.)
NEW single “Kimi ga kurerumono”

・ First Pressing Limited Edition A (CD+DVD) 1,836yen (tax included) UMCK-9811
・ First Pressing Limited Edition B (CD+16P booklet) 1,000yen (tax included) UMCK-9816
・ Standard Edition(CD only) 1,404yen (tax included) UMCK-5592

Release on April 13 (Wed.)
NEW album “ALL TIME BEST Presence”

・ First Pressing Limited Edition (three CD set+DVD) 5,800yen (tax included) UMCK-9817
・ Standard Edition(three CD set) 3,780yen (tax included) UMCK-1535
・ 5,000 sets limited production product 30,000yen (tax included) PDCS-1902

【How to Apply】

1. Cut the “application ticket ①” on the backside of CD jewel-case belly band from any of below products.
New single “kimi ga kurerumono”, release on March 9 (Wed.)
First Pressing Limited Edition A, First Pressing Limited Edition B or Standard Edition

2. Cut the “application ticket ②” on the backside of CD jewel-case belly band of either First Pressing Limited Edition or Standard Edition
New album “ALL TIME BEST Presence”, release on April 13 (Wed.)

3. Put the both application ticket ① and ② and put a 52 yen stamp on the post card.
Then, specify the required items, which mentioned on the each product and send it by the closing date below.

【Closing Date】

April 18 (Mon.), 2016 as indicated by the postmark on the post card.
*Please understand that we can’t accept the application after the closing date by any reasons.

【Regarding Application Address】

Please see the details information on the backside of the CD jewel-case belly band.
*Please ask someone to support Japanese language.