LOVE PERSON<br>【Photo Book Included <br>Limited Edition】

【Photo Book Included
Limited Edition】

2021.06.02 Release

The theme of the long-awaited original album, the first in four years, to be released in the 35th anniversary memorial year, is "love and gratitude to people close to you.
For all those who live in the "dawn of an unexpected new era" where new normal values are needed.
Hideaki Tokunaga, his voice resonates with healing and strength, and his message reminds us of the preciousness of what we used to take for granted in times like these.
This is an impressive album that will be delivered to all "LOVE PERSON" who love music and love people.

■Photo Book Included Limited Edition(CD+Bonus Track+Photo Book)
 6,600yen(tax included) UMCK-7112

≪Track List≫
01.Hontou no kimi wo shitte
02.You and me
04.Atama wo karappo ni shite
05.Ai no hito
06.Kokoro wo shizumete
07.Anohi no Poseidon
08.Jinsei wa ichidokiri
09.Shiawase to ai no uta
10.Kokoro wo azukete
11.Ikusen no toki wo hete
12.Yuzuriha no yume

≪Bonus Track≫
  <Theme song for TV Tokyo's drama "Keishicho Zero-kakari -Seikatsu Anzenka Nandemo
   Soudanshitsu- SEASON5".>