2013.05.27Single / Album purchase privilege application details

If you will purchase one new single and one new album and apply by closing date, all applicants will get “five-trading cards set”!

【Purchase privilege products】

Release on June 5 (Wed.)
NEW Single “STATEMENT / Anata ni aete yokatta”

・First Pressing Limited Edition (CD+DVD) 1,543yen (tax included) UMCK-9621
・Standard Edition (CD only) 1,234yen (tax included) UMCK-5432

Release on July 17 (Wed.)

・First Pressing Limited Edition A (CD+DVD)   4,104yen (tax included) UMCK-9626
・First Pressing Limited Edition B (CD+Bonus track)   3,497yen (tax included) UMCK-9627
・Standard Edition (CD only)   3,146yen (tax included) UMCK-1455

【How to apply】

1. Cut the “application ticket①”(応募券① in Japanese) attached in the product of the new single, “STATEMENT / Anata ni aete yokatta” (release on June 5(Wed.,)) first pressing limited edition or standard edition.

2. Cut the “application ticket②”(応募券② in Japanese) attached in the product of the new album, “STATEMENT” (release on July 17(Wed.,)) first pressing limited edition A, first pressing limited edition B or standard edition.

3. Put the both “application ticket①” and “application ticket②”(each by one and two tickets in total) on the post card and send it by the closing date below.

【Mail address info.】

Please refer to the announcement shown in the new album which will be released on July 17 (Wed.).

*Application (shipment) available Japan only.

【Closing date for the application】

July 22, 2013 (Mon.) as indicated by the postmark on the envelope.

*Please understand that we cannot accept after the closing date by any reasons.