2013.02.22Information of the LIVE DVD all applicants present

LIVE DVD ・ Blu-ray
Super special goods will be given to the all applicants who will purchase LIVE DVD (Blu-ray) " Concert Tour 2012 VOCALIST VINTAGE & SONGS " and apply with application postcard enclosed the product and send it by closing date.
* Application (shipment) available Japan only.

*Please apply with “the application post card” enclosed the product.

* LIVE DVD will be in limited supply. So please make a reservation it early in a CD shop or a mail order site.

* We will let you know as soon as the details of the present will be decided.

【Products eligible for this present】

Release will be on March 20 , 2013(Wed., National holiday)

“Concert Tour 2012 VOCALIST VINTAGE & SONGS”

・DVD First Pressing Edition 8,640yen (tax included) UMBK-9263

・DVD Standard Edition 6,264yen (tax included) UMBK-1198

・Blu-ray 7,344yen (tax included) UMXK-1022

【How to apply】

Please apply with the application postcard enclosed LIVE DVD ・ Blu-ray after filling the mandatory fields, putting 50yen stamp and send it by closing date below.
* Application (shipment) available Japan only.

* The application except “ the application postcard” enclosed the product will be unacceptable regardless of the reason.

【Closing date for application】

March 31, 2013 (Sun.) as indicated by the postmark on the envelope.
*Please understand that we will not accept any applications regardless of the reason if you will miss the deadline above.