2012.04.17Comments of “VOCALIST VINTAGE” from Hideaki Tokunaga!

Music selection of this time,

For me,
every song were yearnings and hopes
in my boyhood.

These song has become vintage
in this Heisei era.

And I believe that these songs
give us great leverage for Japan recovery.

Japan become one with all the people across the generations.

If the older generations becomes powerful,
young generations also surge of the power.

If the young generations have more energy,
they will take care older people naturally…

In the meantime

We are reconsidering “Showa era” in these days.
And I feel that many of the people willing to have that power of Showa.
Things have been very simple in Showa.
Things have been very energetic in Showa.

I am hoping that everyone cherishes memories and enjoys the music!

Hideaki Tokunaga