2023.05.29Notice the Result of the Drawing of Lots for Tour 2023 (Second half schedule)

Concert Tour 2023 Second Half Schedule lottery results for Fan Club Pre-Order Ticket have been determined.

Please confirm the result during the following period.

<For those who apply on the web>
Please check the lottery results by e-mail or on the My Page of the application site.
Click here for My Page

<For those who apply by phone>
Please confirm the number at which you applied (0570-000-544).

<Lottery Results Confirmation Period>
May 29 (Mon.) 12:00 - June 14 (Wed.) 23:59, 2023. (Japan local time)

Those who were won by the web application
・For those paying by credit card, payment will be completed the day before the lottery results are announced.
 Lottery results will be posted to My Page at noon on May 29 (Mon.), the announcement day.
 If you cannot make a payment, please go to My Page and enter another credit card information.
・If you wish to pay at a convenience store, please select the one you wish to use, obtain a customer and confirmation number, and pay at the convenience store (cash only).
 Please make sure to pay for all performances for which you have won.

Those who were won by a telephone application
・Payment slip for convenience stores (crimp postcard) was sent out on May 29 (Wed.).
 Please make payment at the designated convenience store after receiving the payment slip.

*If you do not receive the payment slip by June 7 (Wed.), please contact us between June 8 (Thur.) through June 12 (Mon.) using the "Inquiry Form" below.

Click here to fill out the Inquiry Form (only displayed in Japanese).

<Deposit of Ticket Fees>
The deadline for deposits will be June 14 (Wed.), 2023.
*Please note that we will not be able to provide tickets after the due date.

◆For Wheelchair Seats◆

After payment of the ticket fee, please send us an e-mail with all the information you have entered, stating that you wish to be seated in a wheelchair.
*We cannot accept applications by phone.

Wheelchair seats are limited, so if we receive more applications than we can accommodate, there is a possibility that seats will be drawn by lot.
In some cases, only the accompanying person may be allowed to view the performance in the seat for which they were won rather than in a wheelchair seat.
Please understand this in advance.

<Application Deadline> 
 June 23 (Fri.)

 *Please note that we may not be able to accept your request after June 23.

<Email Address>

<Necessary Information>
Email title: 車イス席利用申請 (Application for Wheelchair Seats)
1. Membership number 2. Name 3. Address 4. Telephone number 5. Date of birth
6. Date of performance 7. Name of venue 8. Number of accompanying persons
9. Size of the wheelchair (please give us a brief description of its characteristics, such as whether it is a standard type or a high and wide one)

*For details on the ticket application process and wheelchair seats, please refer to pages 5-6 of the Concert Tour 2023 Second Half Schedule Application Guide.