2023.04.14Notice of Sending Membership Magazine

We sent the membership magazine, PRISM vol.116 and the application information for the Concert Tour 2023 (second half schedule ) by Japan Post on April 14 (Fri.).

We sent it based on membership data as of April 3.

The expiration date may not be renewed for members who have renewed their membership after April 3.
You may find a renewal form enclosed.

If you have already renewed your membership, you may discard the bottom corner of the renewal form (barcode area).
However, please keep the top of the renewal form, as it is required to view the MOVIE Corner.

This "Fan Club Movie" is a close-up video of the 1500th-anniversary performance of Live House (Live Music Venue) Tour 2022.
We hope those of you who were unable to attend the event will be able to feel the atmosphere of the live performance as much as possible.

Please be sure to read the following notes.


● Regular mail is not delivered on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Membership magazine will be delivered on or after April 17.

● Members who changed their address after April 3 will be sent to their old address.
If you have submitted a forwarding notification to the post office, please wait for its arrival.
(Please complete the change of address procedure later.)
If you have not submitted a forwarding notification to the post office, please specify that you wish to have the PRISM vol.116 and Application Information sent to you again.
And complete the address change procedure as follows.

● How to check the expiration date for those who made a continuous deposit after April 3,
1. For those who have registered for a renewal procedure completed email, a completed renewal email will be sent approximately one month after payment had made, so please check an email for the latest expiration date.
2. If you still need to register for the renewal procedure completed email, please check the expiration date on the mailing address of the next issue of the membership magazine.

● Regarding “the application for the Concert Tour 2023 (second half schedule ),
This time, a new password will be provided. Please log in with your membership number and the new password.
Please note that the access number for PRISM vol. 115 (previous issue) cannot be used.

● If you have not yet received it, please contact Tony’s Club after April 24 (Mon.) for a resending procedure.

■ TEL  03-6450-9126 【Weekdays 13:00-18:00】*Available in Japanese only.
■ E-mail

<Necessary Information>
Email title: 会報誌116号・申込案内 再送希望(Resending membership magazine 116 and application information request)
Please write the following articles in the text of the e-mail.
1. Membership number 2. Name 3. Address 4. Telephone number 5. Date of birth 

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