2022.06.24Notice of Fan Club Pre-order Application for Live House (Live Music Venue) Tour 2022

Hello, this is Tony's Club.
Thank you for waiting.
We're delighted to announce that “Live House (Live Music Venue) Tour 2022 ALL BEST” will be held!

We hope you will enjoy the acoustic "ALL BEST" at the six concerts in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.
We look forward to seeing you all there!

The fan club is currently accepting pre-order tickets!
If you have not yet joined his fan club, we hope you will consider joining at this time.

<To those who have not yet joined the fan club "Tony's Club">

If you complete your new membership application by July 1 (Fri.), you can apply for pre-order tickets.
We hope you will consider taking advantage of this opportunity to become a member. (Please note that tickets may not be available due to a lottery.)

*Ticket application instructions will be included in the application guide for Live House (Live Music Venue) Tour 2022 that we will send you after completing your membership.

*Fan Club Pre-Order Application Closing Date will be July 20 (Wed.).

*Please be sure to contact Tony's Club by phone in Japanese on July 11 (Mon.), if you will not receive your membership card, tour application brochure, etc., until July 10 (Sun.).

■TEL 03-6450-9126 【Weekdays 13:00-16:00】

*Please understand that we cannot accept the pre-order application after July 12 (Tue.).

◆ Click here for new fan club membership ◆

<For Fan Club Members>

We sent the " Live House (Live Music Venue) Tour 2022 application brochure" by Yu-Mail (Japan Post) on June 23 (Thur.).

Please contact us after July 4 (Mon.) if you do not receive it. Then, we'll send it again.
If you would like to apply for pre-order tickets, please give us a call in Japanese during the period from July 4 (Mon.) to July 7 (Thur.).

*The closing date to apply for the pre-order tickets is July 20 (Wed.).

■ TEL   03-6450-9126 【Weekdays 13:00-16:00】
■ E-mail

<Necessary Information>
Email title : ライブハウスツアー2022 申込案内 再送希望(Resending the Live House (Live Music Venue) Tour 2022 application brochure request)
Please write the following information in the text.
1. Membership number 2. Name 3. Address 4. Telephone number 5. Date of birth

*The inquiry number on the enclosed address printout is necessary for applying for the pre-order application for the Live House (Live Music Venue) Tour. Please keep and do not destroy it.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Tony's Club.