2022.04.09Determined to perform “Hakase Taro Ongakusai 2022”

We are pleased to announce that Hideaki Tokunaga will be performing at the “Kubarahonke Kayanoya presents Hakase Taro Ongakusai 2022”.
Please come with your family and friends, we look forward to seeing you there!

① June 5th (Sun.) Open 13:30 Start 15:30 at Meiji Shrine, Tokyo
Performer: Taro Hakase
Guest Performers: ASKA / CHEMISTRY / Chikuzen Sato / Hideki Togi / Hideaki Tokunaga / Naoto Inti Raymi / Vaundy and more...

② June 12th (Sun.) Open 13:30 Start 15:30 at Kamigamo Shrine, Kyoto (Kamowakeikazuchi Shrine)
Performer: Taro Hakase
Guest Performers: Ran Ito / Kenta Kiritani / Kumi Koda / Hideaki Tokunaga / Vaundy / Yo Hitoto and more...

Tickets can be purchased through the event's official website for advanced tickets or through the general sale.
Please note that there will be no fan club sales.

For more information about live performances and tickets, please check the event's official website (only displayed in Japanese).