2021.07.01Regarding the Refund of Fan Club Advance Tickets

To those who applied for the concert tour 2021 fan club advance tickets,
we would like to express our sincere apologies for the cancellation of the tour.

Please be informed that the details have been finalized regarding the refund of the ticket.

Starting in July, we will refund the amount of your payment minus 700 yen as shipping administration fee (or 720 yen depending on the performance) in cash by registered mail for each performance date.
(Even if the same venue is used, refund of each performance date will be sent separately.)

We will notify you on our official website as soon as the registered cash envelope is sent out.

*If you change your address after applying, please contact Tony's Club by e-mail or postcard to change your registration details. Please note that it may not be possible to change the shipping address depending on the progress of the refund process.

◆Regarding ticket refunds
Tokunaga Ticket Section 03-5449-7080 (Weekdays 13:00-17:00)

◆Changing of fan club registration details (We cannot accept changes over the phone)
By Email

By Postcard
Tony’s Club "Registration Change" Section
Densu Kouno 204, 1-8-8, Wakabayashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Zip code: 154-0023

Please write the following information in the text.
1. Membership number 2. Name 3. Old Address 4. New Address 5. Telephone number 6. Date of birth
7. Details of Advance Ticket Application (Date of performance, venue name, seat type [ss seat/ reserved seats], number of seats, deposit amount including fees, and date of deposit)