2019.07.25Determined JAZZ LIVE 2019 Will be Held!

【 Live Schedule 】

DatePlacedo two shows a dayOpenStart
December 14(Sat.)Billboard Live Tokyo1st16:0017:00
December 15(Sun.)Billboard Live Tokyo1st16:0017:00
December 21(Sat.)Billboard Live Osaka1st16:0017:00
December 22(Sun.)Billboard Live Osaka1st16:0017:00

■ Ticket Price (tax included) 
≪ Billboard Live Tokyo ≫
Reserved Seat: 16,000yen / Members' Seat: 17,080yen / Duo Seat: 17,620yen
DX Seat Counter: 18,160yen / DX Seat Duo: 18,160yen / Casual Seat: 15,000yen

≪ Billboard Live Osaka ≫
Reserved Seat: 16,000yen / Members' Seat:17,080yen / BOX Seat: 17,620yen / Casual Seat: 15,000yen

Tickets will also sell at ticket agency. We’ll inform it on Billboard web site as soon as fix the on-sale date.

Place and start time may be subject to change.
We are sorry to say that children preschool age and younger
only high school students shall not enter by stage-manage and security reason.
*From elementary-school students to under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

【 For Fan Club Members 】

Please see the details regarding the application for the jazz live on PRISM vol.103, which we’ve sent on July 24 (wed.).

Closing date & time for the ticket application: August 20, 2019 (Tue.) 23:59 (local time in Japan)
(*Application will be acceptable only by WEB)

Please understand that your application cannot accept after the closing date.

If you will not receive the membership magazine PRISM vol.103 by July 31 (Wed.) and you also would like to apply for the jazz live,
please be sure to contact us in Japanese during August 1 (Thur.) to August 9 (Fri.).
*Make sure followed the above period (Aug.1-9) to contact us or you won't be able to apply it in time.

■ TEL +81-3-3496-1021 【Mon. to Fri. 15:00~18:00】
■ E-mail

<Necessary Information>
Email title: Membership magazine PRISM vol.103 resending request
Please write the following articles in the text.
1. Membership number 2. Name 3. Address 4. Telephone number 5. Dat e of birth
If you have any questions on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.