2018.09.11Released from the Hospital and Notice of Postponement the Concert in Kobe and Sendai.

Thank you for your continuous support to Hideaki Tokunaga.

As we have already made an announcement on our official site,
Tokunaga san was in the hospital under the diagnosis of
“small stroke caused by dehydration and he must be put into the hospital for about one week with follow-up”
by his doctor on September 4th.
And he was released from the hospital today.
He is planning to restart activities and prepare gradually for the concert.

However, we decided to postpone two live shows in Kobe and Sendai,
scheduled on this weekend while taking account of a comprehensive set of factors on this matter.
We deeply apologize for this announcement and that we have caused an inconvenience to those
who had been looking forward to his concert.

About the later performances after in Omiya, we will inform you again sometime later.
Thank you for your understanding.

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≪Message from Hideaki Tokunaga≫
I am deeply sorry for all the people concerned for any trouble that I have caused.
Also, thank you very much for sending me many warm messages and encouraging me.
I've never felt this kind of symptoms before but I'm relieved that I understood what the cause was.
I will take a rest for a while to recover from my illness. Please wait for a while.

Hideaki Tokunaga