2017.09.01Concert Tour 2017 Special Site Has Been Opened!

“Hideaki Tokunaga Concert Tour 2017 BATON” will start tomorrow and it’s special site will open!

You can get the tour goods information and you can also download original ticket case, official site limited design.

Please check it!

Original ticket case is very easy to get.
Just download your favorite design and print out at your home!
You can use it whenever you like. Take it with you when you go to the concert or give the ticket with this to your friend, or keep the ticket at your home, etc.

And pre-sale of the tour goods at Kawaguchi Lilia Hall will be start from 13:00 on Sep. 2 (Sat.) and start from 12:00 on Sep. 3 (Sun.).

▼Click here for the Concert Tour 2017 BATON special site(only displayed in Japanese)