Sayonara no mukougawa<br>【Standard Edition】

Sayonara no mukougawa
【Standard Edition】

2014.09.24 Release

The total number of the VOCALIST series cumulative sales has reached 6 million!!
VOCALIST series will be started; the newest “VOCALIST 6” will be released next spring!!
Long-awaited sequel VOCALIST series, which covered female artists song, will be released.
And also the single from the sixth series, “VOCALIST 6” will be released in advance!

“Jidai”, “Yuki no hana”, “Koi ni ochite – Fall in Love-“, “Toki no nagare ni mi wo makase”, “Ningyo no ie/ Yume wa yoru hiraku”…and now, he will be covered a masterpiece “Sayonara no mukougawa” and will be contained “Haru nanoni” songwriting by Miyuki Nakajima as a coupling track.

■Standard Edition 1,019yen(tax included) UMCK-5495

≪Track List≫
01.Sayonara no mukougawa
  (Words:Yoko Aki Music:Ryudo Uzaki Arrange:Masayuki Sakamoto)
02.Haru nanoni
  (Words/Music:Miyuki Nakajima Arrange:Masayuki Sakamoto)
03.Sayonara no mukougawa(Instrumental)
04.Haru nanoni(Instrumental)

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